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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rare Houdini Picture

I don't recall seeing these photos before. They are not super rare, as in unseen, but certainly not some of the more popular images. Above is Bess, Houdini and Kellar in California. Below is another image of Houdini outside of Kellar's house in California.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Houdini Family Photos Discovered

I never know what exciting things the day is going to bring. Today was an exceptional surprise. This morning I received an email from one of my readers about a discovery he made of some Houdini Glass Plate Negatives. He had one of Houdini smiling which is pictured above. He purchased these about a year ago at a flea-market!

But it's the second image that is the incredible one. He believes that the image below is of Cecilia Weiss. Jeff from JB Auction House, who is the finder of the plates, pointed out that the photos we have of Cecelia are mostly from 1900-1908. However, Cecilia died five years later, so it's possible this is her. (SEE UPDATES BELOW)
The Mystery Photo
I'm also posting this image of Cecilia with some of her known photos so you can compare for yourselves. Now, if it is NOT Cecilia, then my best guess is it is Hannah Steiner, Cecilia's mother, who was Houdini's Grandmother and is buried in the Houdini plot in NY. This yellowish photo (at the very bottom) shows Hannah on the far left, Rose Steiner and a young Cecilia Steiner.

A big thank you to Jeff for allowing me to post these images. Now folks, PLEASE comment below. Let us know if you think this picture is indeed an older Cecilia or perhaps Hannah.

UPDATE: Leave it to John Cox. He pointed out that there was a photo taken after 1908, this one was 1913 as Houdini was leaving for Europe. The last known photo of Cecilia Weiss and it is not the woman pictured above. However, I still believe this is a relative, probably Hannah. Your thoughts?
UPDATE 2: It looks like folks are leaning towards Hannah Steiner, which to me is still incredible.

Hannah, Rose and Cecilia Steiner

1913 image of Cecilia Weiss

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Less Famous Houdini Photos

I've been receiving some lesser seen photos of Houdini from various sources and also found a couple myself. I thought I'd post two of them. The first is one that I don't recall seeing before. It's an image of Harry Houdini and Samri Baldwin, The White Mahatma. Baldwin was instrumental in creating the Q&A mental routine that is used by mentalists even today. He died in 1924, so by the looks of it, this photo is probably 1923 or 1924.

The next image is of a young Harry and Bess. I've seen a similar photo, but I don't recall this particular one. At first, I thought this was from a photo session in which there is also an image of Houdini, Bess and Cecilia Weiss. However, though Bess seems to be dressed the same, Harry is wearing a different coat and collar, and his hair is slightly different.

Both images are from the archives of the State Library of Victoria.

Friday, February 24, 2012

WILD ABOUT HARRY: NEW photo of Houdini and his Water Torture Cell un...

Having once stumbled upon a rare Houdini photo, I can say that John Cox at is probably have quite the run of visitors today. If you've not seen it, please click the link below and enjoy a truly incredible photo of Harry Houdini along with his assistants and his Water Torture Cell.

WILD ABOUT HARRY: NEW photo of Houdini and his Water Torture Cell un...: Here is an incredible never-before-published photograph of Houdini performing his Water Torture Cell in Scotland that will be on display sta...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Rare Houdini Picture

This top one is new to me. Again, found it in a newspaper in the theatre section. The paper was from 1907, so I'm assuming the photo was also taken around that time.

Now the image below I thought was very cool. This appeared in the Jan 12, 1907 edition of the Pawtucket Times. But of all the advertisements I've come across so far, this was the first one that took a slightly more customized look by adding the lock and Houdini's name over it.

Just got a very nice shout-out from Thanks very much!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Houdini Photo and Family Photo

I am constantly amazed at just how many new photos of Houdini show up. You'd think by now we would have seen them all. Not even close. I guess they'll keep turning up for years to come, at least I sure hope so. Now I finally get to add to the mix. The photos below are being used with permission. They come from Ms. Sharon K, who is from the Steiner side of the family.

First we have this amazing photo of a very young Houdini with his brother Theo/Dash. It may be the youngest magic related photo of Houdini and Dash. Certainly there are family photos of them together that show them at younger ages. But this photo is definitely MAGIC. I would assume it's the sack used in the Substitution Trunk/Metamorphosis.

Next is another absolutely amazing photo. This time the photo is of the Steiner Family. In this photo, on the far left is Hannah Steiner (mother), Rose Steiner (sister) and Cecilia Steiner, Houdini's mother. This has got to be the earliest photo of Cecilia I have ever seen.
Fellow Houdini fans, enjoy!