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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

William Rauscher Has Passed Away


I just learned that William Rauscher has passed away. This won't be a biography, but rather just a moment of admiration and reflection for one of magic's most prolific authors. I can hardly research a topic for The Magic Detective Blog or Podcast, without referring to one of his many books.

I remember on one episode of my podcast I was thinking about Bill and thinking he had 4 or 5 books and then I started adding them up and laughing because he had SO MANY fantastic books, far more than I ever even imagined. And some of them are personal favorites. I love his book that he did with Mike Caveney on Servais LeRoy. OMG that book is so full of wonderful stories and crazy cool information about illusion magic. I love his encyclopedic book on Mentalists, just filled with biographical information on nearly every great mentalist or mental duo. 

I think my favorite Rauscher book is the Houdini Code Mystery. This was an eye opener and I actually loved the fact that not every magician was thrilled with Houdini, some just down right hated him. 

I am so glad I got to see Bill perform. I saw him do his classic act at The Yankee Gathering several years ago. I think, if memory serves that was the year he lectured on KALANAG, the same morning I was lecturing. He was on first and then I went on.

William Rauscher was an amazing person. He had full life in magic, he had a full life as a historian, he had a full life as a Pastor. He was a remarkable man and now he now takes his rest and reward with the Lord. You will be greatly missed Bill! 

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