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Friday, August 8, 2014

Dime Museum Harry - Chicago

Dime Museum Harry at Kohl & Middleton's Chicago
The Houdini Brothers were fortunate enough to get booked during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. They worked the Midway for about a month and then Harry was able to book the act in a local Dime Museum,  Kohl & Middleton Dime Museum.

There were three locations for Kohl and Middletons. Harry played at the 150 North Clark Street location and also the 294 South State Street location in Chicago. They worked there for a short time before returning to New York. He would return to Kohl and Middletons again as late as 1897.

Click here to see a photo of what the Kohl & Middleton looked like in Houdini's day. None of the original buildings exist any more. However, below is a picture of the location where the Kohl and Middleton Dime Museum on Clark Street once stood. Today the location is filled by Bank of America.

Kohl & Middleton's Dime Museum Once Stood Here.