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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Exposing Magic!


I couple weeks ago I was gathering up a bunch of information on the history of exposure, specifically exposing the secrets to magic tricks. Regrettably, exposing magic has a long history . And depending upon which side you are on.....Side 1, the side who gets hurt by exposure, Side 2, the side making money from exposure. Hmm, I think that says it all. The side making money from exposure. I guess you could be neutral, but if you are into magic for long, rest assured you'll get injured by one of these exposure people. 

In the process of putting this article  together, I didn't want to give any more 'exposure' M.Chuckles, J.Flambe, R.Laxitive, or the biggest loser in the bunch Sal Maraschino*. See, I don't want to give them any exposure. I'm not pointing anyone to their sites. I have lost respect for the first three, never had any respect for the fourth. I will always hold a grudge against the last loser for the number of contracts I lost after his sh*t appeared on network tv. So yes, I was financially harmed. A stigma arose over stage illusions  after those specials. 

Really what I don't like is the belittling of magic. I also don't like when young magicians give away secrets on various social media platforms that they have no business giving away. In other words, they are not their creations. People have spent good money on these things only to have them carelessly given away. 

In the big picture, the lay public doesn't really care nor do they tend to remember. But that doesn't make it any less wrong. 

*There are more people exposing magic secrets on social media than I can even list. I'm not naming names, giving links, or giving them a chance to respond. You know who they are. And if you don't, count yourself among the lucky ones that you aren't exposed to their lack of courtesy to their fellow magicians.