Saturday, October 1, 2011

Young Houdini Photo and Family Photo

I am constantly amazed at just how many new photos of Houdini show up. You'd think by now we would have seen them all. Not even close. I guess they'll keep turning up for years to come, at least I sure hope so. Now I finally get to add to the mix. The photos below are being used with permission. They come from Ms. Sharon K, who is from the Steiner side of the family.

First we have this amazing photo of a very young Houdini with his brother Theo/Dash. It may be the youngest magic related photo of Houdini and Dash. Certainly there are family photos of them together that show them at younger ages. But this photo is definitely MAGIC. I would assume it's the sack used in the Substitution Trunk/Metamorphosis.

Next is another absolutely amazing photo. This time the photo is of the Steiner Family. In this photo, on the far left is Hannah Steiner (mother), Rose Steiner (sister) and Cecilia Steiner, Houdini's mother. This has got to be the earliest photo of Cecilia I have ever seen.
Fellow Houdini fans, enjoy!


  1. Fan-freakin'-tastic photos! Thank you. :)

  2. W-O-W. The first photo is way cool---they look SO YOUNG, like they're barely out of childhood!

    But that second photo, my goodness! I wouldn't have recognized Cecilia, she looks very different. Also...Harry totally takes after Grandma Hannah, no? And I see a resemblance between Rose and some of the other Weiss kids.

    Any idea how old these photos are? The first one looks 1891-93, but the second one: 1860-something? Just guessing by the clothes.

  3. The fashions date the younger ladies' clothing to somewhere around 1865.