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The Magic Detective Podcast is now live! It debuted in early Oct 2018 and features segments devoted to the rich history of magic and conjuring.  If you're interested in magic, conjuring, theatre, the Victorian Era, history in general, then you're going to enjoy The Magic Detective Podcast.

The episodes are about 30 minutes long, though lately, they've been running even longer. In 2019, we will start featuring interviews with magic historians, authors, magic collectors, and others. You can listen to the first 7 episodes below. Or you can find the podcast on iTunes,, Spotify, GoogleMusicPlay, and many other platforms. You can also go to

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In April 2019, I introduced SHORT Episodes, two of them so far. These run no more than 15 minutes long. The short episodes will all have blue curtained background and the opening and closing music is different from the longer episodes. I've gotten a lot of positive comments about the shorter episodes which was nice but surprising. Some folks like the longer format, others the shorter one. There will be more shorter episodes coming.

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  1. Just finished Episode 56 where, at the very end you tell the story that Al Flosso knew gambler/mobster Arnold Rothstein's killer. By coincidence, I just finished a biography of Titanic Thompson, one of the guys Rothstein owed money to when he was killed. In that it says Hump McManus went to collect the debt, Rothstein put him off and McManus' muscle, Hyman Biller, pulled the trigger; maybe on purpose or maybe a mistake. McManus was there, but wasn't teh trigger. Just a funny coincidence that I just read that and you discussed a very non-magic story on the podcast. Anyway, enjoyed the podcast immensely.