Monday, November 8, 2021

How Magicians Think Book & Podcast


Joshua Jay has a new book out called How Magicians Think. According to Joshua, "it's his love letter to magic." I will say it has the most unique layout of any magic book I've ever seen. It's nice to have a magic book in color, which is a welcome change. The book has a whopping 52 chapters. Hmmm, 52. hmmm?

Some of the chapters are strikingly short, a single page. Some are rather well fleshed out. Some chapter headings are provocative, some are quite curious. There are countless quotes by the famous and not so famous. And throughout Joshua Jay gives his opinion on every subject. You'd be wise to listen to his opinions because they are backed up by years as a professional performer and as a man obsessed with magic.

As another man obsessed with magic, I can tell you I totally enjoyed Joshua's book. I don't agree with everything in the book, but that is MY opinion, and me being nit-picky, lol. You may think otherwise. BTW, it's ok to not agree on every point. That is what makes each of us unique. 

I enjoyed his book but I was even more surprised to discover he has taken the concept of his book and turned it into a podcast called, How Magicians Think. Hmmm, how did he come up with that? lol.  It's a refreshing look at magic, again, like his book. He shares stories from his life and experiences that help to reveal the true secrets of magic, not the methods, but all the other things that go into creating great magic. 

Joshua's book is written for the public, but clearly the bigger audience will be magicians. I wonder just how many laypeople will sit through the entire book? I will tell you, they should, and you should. As Seth Godin says on the back cover, "This generous book is about becoming really, really good at something, and doing it for the right reasons. It's a message we all need to hear."

I also noticed that the cover of the book contains this statement, "and why magic matters"  Is this something going around? It's how David Copperfield opened his new book on the History of Magic with those exact words. As I said in David's review, those are IMPORTANT WORDS. David explains them from a historical context, Joshua explains them from a modern and even psychological context. 

I enthusiastically encourage everyone, whether you are a lay person, magician, magic fan, or beginner in magic to get Joshua Jay's book. Especially, if you are beginning in magic because it will help you to understand our world better. There are clearly a lot of misconceptions that people have about magic and beginners come in carrying a lot of those misconceptions. Mr. Jay will help dispel them and put you on the faster track to become a good magician, or just finding a new found appreciation for magic that you might not have had before. 

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NOW, I would be remiss if I didn't also tell you to check out his podcast. He is only a few episodes in, but each one is informative and unique. I'm a bit reluctant to listen to the latest one with The Masked Magician. I have a unique dislike of that man. But I'll bet it's a brilliant interview and eye opening one at that because if there is anyone who knows how to ask the right questions it's Joshua Jay. I have enjoyed every episode to date.....(with the exception of the Masked Magician one because I haven't listened to it.....yet)

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