Sunday, May 10, 2015

10 Legendary Magicians LINK

This is a link to a very interesting article on 10 Legendary Magicians You've Probably Never Heard About. It's a strikingly good list to be honest. I can't help but wonder if the writer has some knowledge of magic history. No sources are listed where he got the information. And sadly, there some bad choices for photos. The Robert Heller photo is NOT Robert Heller the magician. The DeKolta photo is also a stock image, not the real magician. But other than that, it's an interesting choice of people. I'm personally glad that Robert Heller made the list. I'm also kind of saddened that Doug Henning, Howard Thurston and Harry Kellar made the list. They deserve to be on the list, don't get me wrong, but the fact that they are not remembered by the public today is unfortunate.

I'm curious what your list might have been? I probably would have swapped Pinetti for Hofzinser, and combined Adelaide with Alexander Herrmann so that I could include Signor Blitz. I really don't think I would have put Doug Henning on the list though because he is too modern and I do think despite the fact he is not a major celebrity, a lot of people today still know of him. So that would have left one spot......hmmmm Blackstone? No, that name still is remembered thanks to his son. Probably, Dante.


  1. I would have combined all three Herrmanns, not leaving out Compars. Agree with you about ditching Henning and adding Hofzinser, but I would keep Pinetti. Blitz is a good call. If we want one modern little-known legend, though, my vote would be for Jerry Andrus. Second choice maybe Shimada.

  2. Yeah, I was also baffled by the inclusion of Henning.

  3. I think Henning went in there because it allowed him to include some video, just a thought. David, I agree about Compars.

  4. Men always tend to leave out the women...
    How about Dell O'Dell or leave in Adelaide.
    How about a person of color?

    Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz
    The Houdini Museum
    The Only Building in the World Dedicated to Houdinni