Friday, July 1, 2011

Essential Magic Conference 2011

In a few days the second Essential Magic Conference will begin. This is the world's only ONLINE ONLY Magic Convention. It was the brainchild of Luis DeMatos, David Britland and Marco Tempest and frankly last year was incredible!

If you have not registered yet, you should do so soon. Why? Well besides the obvious, there will be some Houdini talk. William Kalush will give a talk on Houdini on July 8th. Then on July 9th, David Copperfield will be taking the registrants of the conference on a virtual tour of his museum, which will no doubt feature quite a few of his rare Houdini items.

Also, Mike Caveney will be on hand talking about magic history as well. If you love magic, you can't go wrong with registering for this incredible conference. OH, and if you register before July 4th, you get a free months membership to The Conjuring Arts Research Library. So, go register at

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