Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank YOU - Record Day for MAGIC DETECTIVE

Yesterday my friend John Cox over at announced he had the biggest one day number of visits to his site. He deserves it as his site is simply fabulous and is all Houdini 24/7. BUT, as it turns out the Houdini Luck is getting spread around and over here at Carnegie:Magic Detective I just hit my best day as far as number of views. Not bad considering this site is only half Houdini and the rest general magic history. (ok, maybe it's 2/3rds Houdini, lol).

Thank you very much everyone. Please keep coming by as there will be more Houdini stuff in the weeks and months to come, plus a bunch of other magic history related items.

Coming Soon
Chicago Houdini
The Forgotten Protege
More Houses of Magic
Anna Eva Fay -Bio
and much more


  1. Fantastic. Congrats, Dean. There's just been an explosion of Houdini interest this week (actually, all this year). I've never see anything like this.

    As good as my day was yesterday hit-wise, today is going to blow it away. It's a big birthday for our Harry.

  2. You are right, it's been quite the year. I guess I'll have work even harder for April 6th and try for the repeat.

  3. I think your hard work is paying off, guys.

    That Google doodle thing seems to have generated a lot of interest too.

  4. I think that Google Doodle deserves the lion share of the credit for all the interest. I hope they do it again next year!