Thursday, March 24, 2011

ANOTHER Houdini's Birthday

Paul Michael Glaser as HOUDINI

Just a few hours from now when it's March 25th, we'll be celebrating another Houdini's birthday. This time it's the birthday for actor Paul Michael Glaser who was born , March 25th, 1943.

Happy 68th Birthday to a fine actor and one of the best movie Houdini's, and he wasn't too bad in Starksy & Hutch either!

If you'd like to read more about The Houdini movie that Paul Michael Glaser was in, you must go to John Cox's site and read his incredible in depth article into the making of the TV Movie.


  1. Ha! Excellent. You know, I had no idea PMG was born on March 25 until I saw it on his Facebook yesterday. Amazing!

  2. He was such a high profile star at the time that film was made but he was so good for the role. Would be hard to imagine anyone else in it.