Monday, October 31, 2011

How Margery Outdid Houdini

Yes, believe it or not, Margery the Medium did outdo Houdini, but not in the way you might be thinking. Houdini died on Halloween Oct 31, 1926 at the age of 52. It turns out that Margery lived to be one year and one day longer in age. Let me explain. She died on November 1st, 1941, she was 53. So that makes her one year older than Houdini was when he died and she stayed around one extra day, dying on the day after Halloween ( I'm taking a bit of artistic license with the math)

Margery is an interesting character. I'm still waiting on the book Witch of Lime Street, that John Cox first let us all know about.  There is something terribly fishy going on between her and Houdini, in my opinion and I'd like to find out more.

Now if you'd like to hear about Margery from the side of the Spiritualists, below are two videos of Leonard Spicer, a Canadian Medium who is lecturing on Margery. Houdini-files will recognize the errors in statements, though there aren't many. I'm not agreeing with this fellow, I just thought you might enjoy hearing what the other side says about Margery.

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The Annual Halloween Event - HOUDINI

 Every Halloween I make sure to watch the one movie that got me interested in magic to start with, HOUDINI starring Tony Curtis & Janet Leigh. It's a highly fictionalized version of his life, but it's a fun movie and for whatever reason gets me re-energized. So in a few minutes, I'll be watching it on DVD.

But for those Houdini fans that would like one last dose of the real Houdini before Halloween is over for another year, here is a treat. The Master Mystery starring Houdini! I found it on Youtube and it's broken up into 20 parts, so you can watch it all at once or watch an episode a night if you prefer. Any way you decide to do it, enjoy!

Hollywood Magic Castle FIRE

News travels so fast on the internet. Reports started coming in about 30 minutes ago that the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood was on fire. The fire/smoke was coming from the attic it was reported. The video below was shot from someones cell phone camera of the fireman working on the fire. There is certainly a lot of smoke, and let's hope not much fire. The link below is a report that the blaze is contained and hopefully by now the fire is out.

Let's also hope that no one was injured and there is no damage to the rest of the building. My hope and prayers go out to the folks at the Castle. I hope everything is ok.