Wednesday, May 29, 2024

It Was 50 Years Ago Today - Magic Changed NYC


Fifty years ago May 28th, 1974 Doug Henning, a skinny kid from Canada, debuted at the Cort Theater in NYC. He starred in a magical musical called THE MAGIC SHOW. This magic was all Doug Henning. The music was written by a young Stephen Schwartz. Ivan Reitman was one of the shows producers. Broadway star Anita Morris was in the show, as was M.A.S.H. actor David Ogden Stiers who played the antagonist in the musical. 

The Magic Show ran for 4 years and became a touring show. Doug Henning went on the road touring in Colleges for a time and eventually starring in his own WORLD OF MAGIC TV Special for NBC. 

Doug Henning couldn't sing or dance, yet was the star of the show and went on to have an incredible career. 

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