Friday, May 31, 2024

#Houdini Trends on Twitter


May 30th, 2024, I noticed that the hashtag #HOUDINI was trending high on Twitter/X.  I just happened to be on Twitter last night and I happened to notice that #HOUDINI was trending. I chose to jump on the bandwagon and I reposted one of my Houdini podcast links and added the hashtage. Sure enough, that episode shot up in a matter of minutes. It was remarkable.

Now the reason it was trending. Rap artist, Eminem has a new album called HOUDINI. And the cover art is quite interesting. The only thing I can see that is related to Houdini is the NAME and FONT. But there appears to be more Thurston/Kellar inspired with the little red imps. 

I dont know much more about the album, as I'm not really into rap music. But it's certainly a nice nod to HOUDINI.

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