Wednesday, August 19, 2020

New Magic Detective Group Page on Facebook, Please Join!

I've recently created a GROUP page for The Magic Detective on Facebook. I already had a PAGE, but there were some things I wanted to do that the PAGE wouldn't allow. So I opted to add the GROUP page. I know it's probably a bit confusing but there are methods behind the madness.

The pandemic has not been kind to the blog or podcast, because so much of my research material is in a location far (600+ miles) from where I am. But that will be changing soon. I've got some podcasts in the works, some new blog articles as well. And as far as the group page, I've been trying to add magic history material from other sources. Thankfully there are some in the group who have been contributed cool images to the page. All are welcome as long as they are magic history related. 

One thing I'd love is that when a podcast goes up, if members have material related to that person, maybe they'd be willing to share their photos. I know this happened with Tarbell, Leipzig and a few others. It just enhances the existing articles. 

One new feature coming to the podcast will be INTERVIEWS! I have toyed with this idea forever, but resisted it. Thankfully, I have the tech to do it easily now. Thanks to my work with Zoom Magic Shows, I've got what I need. I've been doing Zoom Shows since June and they've been a blast. I've even had some Magic Detective listeners buy tickets and join in as well. I probably have the only Zoom Magic Show that features a bit of magic history during the show. Most of it however is interactive magic, between the audience and myself. If you're interested in checking out a show, go to for more info and ticketing. 

In addition to the Interviews on the podcast, I do plan on doing something special with the Group Page, but I don't yet have all my ducks in a row for that. So I'm still keeping that one under wraps for now.

I do want to say, thank you everyone for the comments regarding the blog and the podcast! Please please join the Facebook page at

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