Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Sneak Peak: Houdini's Hamburg 8 Handcuffs

John Hinson was like Santa Claus at the Yankee Gathering this year. He brought a number of things that he wanted me to see. One item in particular was Houdini's pair of Hamburg 8 handcuffs. Not only did I get to see them, but I also got to try them on. When he made this suggestion, I knew that they were not likely to fit, as most Hamburg 8s don't fit me, I need the larger version which I'm not sure were available during Houdini's day.  John did not bring the key, but even if he had, I don't think they would have shut. Still, it was pretty cool holding and experiencing a pair of Houdini's cuffs.


  1. Dean that is great. I'd like to have the opportunity to meet John and handle those cuffs. One question were they gaffed in usual manner?

    1. These cuffs were not gaffed. It was the first thing I checked for. But they are still very cool.

  2. Great stuff Dean! Those Hamburg 8 cuffs look tiny. Hard to believe they fit Harry.