Thursday, October 11, 2012

More Magic Detective News

Tomorrow, Friday Oct 12 my second episode of The Magic Detective Show will be up on Youtube.  This next episode  I'll be showing three different graves of magicians. For regular followers of my blog, you will have seen the graves, HOWEVER, there is something there that I teased about in one of my columns that you haven't seen. So tomorrow, go check it out.

Because my format is only 5 minutes long, I am not able to get in depth into things like I want. I do plan eventually to do longer episodes but right now I need to build the audience and get the interest going and frankly, 5 minutes seems to be about the standard for popular shows on Youtube. But I have added one feature. After the episodes, I'm adding a blog article with more in-depth information. Hopefully this will work to bring more people to the blog and also bring my blog readers to the show.

Finally, The Magic Detective Show & Blog now has an Official Facebook Fan Page. So if you are so inclined, please go over and 'Like' my page!

Don't forget to enter the Magic Detective History Contest going on this month! The contest ends on Oct 30th, 2012, and the answers will be revealed on The Magic Detective Show!

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