Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why Mom's Are Awesome

Today is Mother's Day. It also happens to be my Mom's Birthday as well. I got to thinking about how incredible mothers are for all of us, especially those of us who are performers. They are the ones who, quietly in the background, sew our costumes and table drapes when we are starting out. (Though, confidentially, my Mom just sewed three new table drapes for me just recently!) Moms are the ones who sit in the back of the audience chewing their nails while we perform, they are both scared for us and proud of us at the same time.

Moms are our cheerleaders and our support team when things don't go quite right. They are the ones who continue to act surprised after the hundredth time you've shown them the same lame trick. Moms are the ones who act all supportive when we tell them we want to hang upside down hundreds of feet in the air in a straight jacket, while in truth they are secretly planning to have us committed, for our own good.

Moms are the ones who help heal the wounds after a really bad show. They are the ones that teach us real world tricks, like how to fold our clothes and how to dress properly to impress people. Moms are the ones who rush in with the unexpected lunch when we are so engrossed with learning how to do the next trick that will make us a star, that we forgot to eat.

Mom's don't usually like the spotlight. But on Mothers Day, it's our turn to hold open the curtain, shine the spotlight on them and let them enjoy their much deserved day of fame. Come to think of it, for as much as they do, maybe Mother's day should be 365 days a year!  
Happy Mothers Day!!!! Love you Mom!


  1. Dean:

    Being a good Mom is easy when you have a good Son. We, Your Dad and I have always been proud of you and are always happy to help you in your
    efforts. This is more precious then all the money in the world. This will be going into a frame! You sure know how to make me cry!
    Thank You Thank You Thank You

  2. This is sweet and I hope you don't mind me saying you were a very cute baby.