Saturday, December 11, 2010

What To Get A Houdini Fan For The Holidays

It's kind of weird, yet I actually like it. A tie inspired by the Great Houdini. Unusual for sure, but very interesting to say the least. Here is the link to the site

Or How about a set of Houdini Buttons/Magnets

Hey, this mug is awfully cool, and he disappears from the mug!

Not sure this one deserves a comment. But here it is, a Houdini Finger Puppet!

Here is a winner. How can you go wrong with your very own Houdini License Plate!

My personal favorite, Houdini Wines from Smidge Wines. Love the label, it's very cool.

Not to be outdone, More Houdini Wine from a different winery.

Ok, this one is total junk, but hey, it says Houdini.

This next one isn't bad. Cool t-shirt with not your everyday design.

Finally, a deal for you. Overstock has the Houdini book.
NO! Not the Culliton book, the other one.

For those with LOTS of money.

When you are in a jam, use some of this

I keep finding MORE. This one is kinda cool actually.

I'm not sure about this one, but it does say "Houdini Gut Punch"

Yeah, yeah, I know, this one is a big stretch, buy hey

An Oldie But a Goodie (actually I never liked it myself)

Another Pen. The Houdini WTC Pen

This is 30% off. I think it's a good deal, in my opinion.

Houdini Jewelry

Houdini Puzzle Locks, there are a couple versions.

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