Saturday, December 11, 2010

Unusual Gifts for the Magic Fan

Here is a list of gift ideas for the Magician or fan of Magic from those of you that are none magicians.

Conjuring Lights is an interesting site. Inside their gift shop you'll find a number of unique Magic related Greeting Cards.

This is an ornament. I collect magic related figurines and they aren't always easy to find. This one is an ideal one to start a collection or add to an existing one.

What magician doesn't need a magic wand?

This might be the ultimate in Geeked out magic wand stuff! A remote Control Magic Wand

Magic Poster Reproductions. These are not cheapo versions, these are high quality versions of many classic magic posters.

This might be the ultimate gift for the magician or fan of magic, a bust of a famous magician. There are several in the line; Kellar, Thurston, Chung Ling Soo, Houdini and Robert Houdin.

T-shirts with a magic slant to them.

This was one of my personal favorite gifts, the book MAGIC. WARNING: It's gigantic! It weighs 20 lbs and is 20x12x3 in size. But it's super cool

I'm not sure this next one is for sale, but it's a wonderfully quirky concept. It's a portable closet designed after a magic illusion.

Another cool Magic Book gift would be the new Jim Steinmeyer book on Howard Thurston. One problem, it doesn't come out till February. But you can order it now!

Here's one, a one of a kind personalized piece of artwork. That's right, you can get a commissioned piece of artwork by none other than ME. It's not cheap, I only take a couple commissions so it's first come first serve. You can email me at for more info.

Can't afford a customized painting. Why not try one of my artwork tshirts. There is only one right now, the Dante. On one side is a picture of Dante, the other side has his slogan 'Sim Sala Bim'.

IF you really want to give a magician a gift, consider a photo shoot. Often overlooked by magicians, but a good quality photo can do wonders for your career. Finding a good photographer for a magician is another thing. I'm going to give you several selections depending upon your part of the world. These are not the only photographers around but check them out, do your own homework and see if they'll work for you.

In England...

In France...


Finally, this set of books should be in every magicians library. The Tarbell Course. Get them from my friend Denny.

Disclaimer: Other than my two products, the only products here I can actually endorse are the photography of Beckett Studios because that's where I had my photos done, and The Tarbell Course from Denny's Magic Shop. Denny is a straight up magic dealer and you can't go wrong buying from him.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with anything else, but you should check them out yourself and see if the product or service meets your needs.

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