Monday, July 20, 2020

The Magic Detective Podcast Hits 10,000+

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The Magic Detective Podcast is going strong. A month or so ago I finally hit the 10,000 download mark and the hosting company has given me this 'badge' to promote that event. Though, now I'm closer to 12,000 downloads (roughly about 300 short of that). 

Since the pandemic, it's been rough going because I've been separated from my library. Yet despite that situation, I still have been able to get out some interesting podcasts. Among them were, Episode 50 on the Hooker Rising Cards and The Men Who Fooled Houdini, sort of a two segment episode. Then #51 was Hereward Carrington, a name that shows up a lot in Houdini biographies but how many people really knew a lot about him? So I did some digging and found him to be quite a fascinating character. 

Episode 52 of the podcast was on Nate Leipzig and thankfully I had Dai Vernon's book on Leipzig here with me to rely upon. was also full of great content on Nate, the gentleman conjurer. 

On Episode 53, I thought I was going to get away easy, because I had previously done a blog article on KIO. But there wasn't quite enough info on there for a podcast. I could have done a short podcast, but I've not done one of those this season and am going to try and avoid that. Thankfully, I was able to get a book on KIO as well as rely upon and a russian friend who helped me through some of the translations (spasibo for that). 

Finally, Episode 54 was on Fetaque Sanders (pronounced FEE-TAKE), a wonderful magician of color who was popular in the 1930s-1960s. His story was amazing and inspiring. I loved the fact that he was born right here in Nashville, where I currently am. And he really did it all, from schools and churches to even working on Broadway. 

I've not yet begun to work on Episode 55, trying to get a couple other projects done first. IF the pandemic continues the rest of the year, I may add something NEW to the Magic Detective World, but you'll have to wait on that for now.  

Speaking of adding something new, I've been doing Zoom Shows for a while now. One of the things I did on my weekend evening shows was to add some stories. The last one I did I told the story of Lafayette and Beauty, I also shared a fictional story of Houdini and Charlie Chaplin which has been a routine in my stage show for almost 20 years. And I included a presentation for the antique Coffee Vase trick. So MY Zoom shows are quite different from what everyone else is doing. Granted, there are elements that are the same, I have a lot of interactive routines as do other performers. I think this is imperative when doing this sort of show. But I like including history into the show. Those are ticketed shows on select weekends. More info can be found at

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