Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Tommy Smothers Has Died


Tommy Smothers, one half of the famous comedy duo, The Smothers Brothers, passed away on Dec 26th, 2023 at the age of 86. He passed after a battle with cancer. Though Tommy was not a magician perse, the duo does have a couple really special connections to the world of magic.

First, one of the writers on The Smothers Brothers Show that ran on CBS in the late 1960s was magician/comedian Steve Martin. In fact, Steve appeared on one of the episodes and did presented his comedy magic act. See below.

But the second and lesser known connection to magic was Mr. Harry Blackstone Jr.. Harry was an associate producer on the Smothers Brothers Hour TV show. This was before Harry would decide to devote his career to magic like his father. He would also make three appearances ON the show doing his magic. I've not been able to find any of that footage however.

And there is a third connection to magic. Later when the Smothers Brothers returned to TV in the 80s, they had on the fantastic comedy magic, Ed Alonzo! 

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Magicians We Lost in 2023

 Magicians Who Died In 2023

I've tried to compile a list of magicians who passed away this year in 2023. It is by no means complete. If you happen to know of anyone I missed, please include them and the month they passed in the comments below. If you have a photo of them, even better. I'm trying to put a photo with everyone I find out about.

Joe Stevens, died Jan 29, 2023

Robert Orben, died Feb 2, 2023

Scott Alexander, died Feb 6, 2023

Maria Ibanez, died Feb 15, 2023

Karl Fulves, died Feb 16, 2023

Eddie Dawes, died March 3, 2023

Gloria Dea, died March 18, 2023

Harry Lorayne, died April 7, 2023

Al Jaffee, died April 10, 2023

Ken Pulliam, died May 22, 2023

Milt Larsen, died May 28, 2023

Dan Garrett, died Aug 3, 2023

Larry Becker, died Oct 7, 2023

Darwin Ortiz, died Oct 13, 2023

Dirk Arthur, died Oct 16, 2023

Dick Gustafson, died Oct 27, 2023

David Berglas, died Nov 3, 2023

Leo Benke, died Nov 7th, 2023

Micky Hades, died Nov 16th, 2023

Paul Gross, died Nov 29th, 2023

Friday, December 22, 2023

Mario the Maker Magician on The Tonight Show


I don't think I've ever written anything on this blog about kids how magicians. And that doesn't mean I don't appreciate them and also know all the leading top of their field performers. I just normally cover history. Well, having a kidshow performer on The Tonight Show is HISTORY!!!!

Mario the Maker Magician is an excellent choice to be featured on the tonight show. He is currently starring in his own off broadway show. Some of his previous credits were as the opening act of David Blaine's touring show, and doing his own one man show at the Fringe Festival over in Scotland. 

If you've never seen Mario, GO SEE HIM. He is hysterical and amazing and brilliant. His appeal to kids is awe inspiring, but adults will enjoy the cleverness. 

Watch him on the tonight show. Absolutely Fantastic!