Saturday, June 8, 2024

Tragic Fire At Vanishing Inc Warehouse


Yesterday evening, June 7th, 2024, there was a fire at the Sacramento CA warehouse of Vanishing Inc, the online magic shop/dealer. By all accounts, the fire destroyed everything. The only good bit of news was that no one was harmed in the fire. According to Joshua Jay and Andy Gladwin, the cofounders of Vanishing Inc, they have every intention of rebuilding. They have also assured their 47 employees that they will still have jobs! 

The magic community is a small one. Despite all the infighting online and on various Facebook forums and such, we tend to stay together. We are also largely supportive of one another. I remember years back when Denny Haney of Denny's Magic Shop was going through some rough patches, hundreds of us showed up at the shop to buy something. That along with online orders, kept him going and helped him through the rough time.

Back, in 1926, Adelaide Herrmann's NYC warehouse also burned down. All the props from the Herrmann show, or at least most of them were completely destroyed in the fire. Many magicians got together and donated props and money to Adelaide so she could rebuild, and she did. 

I would give them a few days to figure things out, but please consider putting in an order to to help support them. Or if you like they have a tremendous virtual and streaming service, take advantage of that if you never have before. Let's help turn this tragedy around and keep Vanishing Inc going for many years to come!

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