Sunday, May 26, 2024

The Great Boomsky Book Is Now Available


I'm very excited about this book. Margaret Steele has written a book about the life of The Great Boomsky, the assistant and sidekick to Alexander Herrmann. I do not have the book yet, so I can't give you an official report. But I can say, or repeat, how excited I am that such a book has been written and is now available. 

From what I gather, The Great Boomsky was actually played by numerous young African American boys with possibly Milton Hudson Everett being the original. I'm guessing this was a job that could only potentially last a couple years before you had to be replaced due to aging out. Herrmann wanted the part to go to a young boy, I guess there were no child labor laws back then. 

This book was apparently 20 years in the making. That's a LOT of research and I am confident this book will deliver. Margaret Steele's previous work with the Herrmann's was with the book on Adelaide Herrmann, that Ms. Steele edited and had published. That book was INCREDIBLE!!!

If you want to get a copy of The Great Boomsky (and you should), please click the link below...

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