Friday, November 24, 2023

Houdini Water Torture Cell Christmas Ornament - Available NOW!


Dan Wolfe over at Smokey Mountain Magic puts out a series of magic related Christmas Ornaments each year. This year, among his offerings is the Houdini Water Torture Cell. This is an awesome piece and quite affordable. 

Also this year is an Origami Box Illusion, a Bottle of Grant's Black Cherry Soda from the popular Tricky Bottles effect, a tiny Wiz Kate trick that Chalet used to produce, and that tiny Christmas tree is a trick that Dan sells, where the star appears magically on top of the tree. These are all non working miniature versions.

Below are the other new ornaments for this year. And he still has a host of previous  years ornaments available, like the Shadow Box, ZigZag Lady and more. Go to to order yours TODAY!!!

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