Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Maro's Magic Found


In the upcoming Oct 2022 Potter & Potter Auction, there are two items that belonged to and were used by The Great Maro. One of them is listed as being Maro's prop, that is Lot#80, Maro's Tri-Color Plume Trick.  The actual apparatus is up for auction, and it appears to be a unique take on a Color Changing Plume.

But the real gem is actually Lot#57, which is listed as "Germain's Meteoric Ribbons and Parasol Production". First let me state, that yes, Germain did own this item. But he received it from Maro's Widow Allie Best after Maro had passed away from Typhoid Fever.  The poster above, shows Maro presenting the Meteoric Ribbon's on the right side of the poster, with the giant parasol in his hands. This was one of his signature tricks. The auction listing says the parasol cover has been restored, but all else is original.  This mystery was also featured in a second Maro poster, where it is the only thing depicted in the poster. That poster is far more scarce than the one above.

*UPDATE: I just came across my notes from the Maro Lecture I did for the Yankee Gathering a few years back. And I had included a photo of the item below in my lecture with the comment, "I saw this in the Klosterman collection, and though I didn't ask him about it at the time, I believe this to be the Meteoric Ribbon and Parasol Production". Turns out I was correct, lol. 

To download and/or purchase a catalog for the upcoming Potter Auction go to: and click the link for the Oct 29th, 2022 auction. And to learn more about The Great Maro, listen to my podcast Ep 11 on his life.

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