Thursday, March 17, 2022

All The Anna Eva Fay Links You'll Ever Need

 Episode 74 of the Magic Detective Podcast is finally up and ready to listen to. After a very long delay I was finally able to finish it. As I mention in the podcast, I got distracted with some other interests, so the podcast took a break for a while. But I have had this episode 2/3rds finished since December, so I just had to get it done. I chose to not repeat a lot of information that is I included on other podcasts. Instead, I just gave the episode numbers for anyone who wanted to check them out further. However, to make it even easier, I will put links to those episodes below. AND I will put a link to all the Anna Eva Fay articles on this site, so you can SEE some of the things I spoke of, like the grave for example.

Thanks for being a listener and reader to my blog and podcast. I do intend to continue this project for many years to come!

All the articles on Anna Eva Fay:

The Fox Sisters Ep 57

Washington Irving Bishop Ep 15

Houdini & Anna Eva Fay Ep 22

Samri Baldwin Ep 30

The Anna Eva Fay Ep 74

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