Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Harry Cooke Biography Is Available


I'm very excited to learn that Mark Cannon has finished his book on Horatio Green Cooke. I first learned of Cooke through an article that Cannon wrote for the M-U-M Magazine. I began my own research on the man shortly after. I've written articles for this blog and done a podcast on Cooke. Whenever I write, or speak on Cooke, I ALWAYS mention Mark Cannon because he really brought the story of Cooke back to life.

How Mark came to discover Cooke is amazing in itself. He was doing a show at a Senior Citizens home, and it just turned out that one of Harry Cooke's daughters was in the audience. She spoke to Mark about her father. He had no idea who she was speaking of. But clearly he paid attention when she brought out his diary and scrapbook. Eventually, Cooke's daughter gave these things to Mark, along with a unique lock that Cooke had made for Houdini. 

NOW, Mark has written a biography on Harry Cooke. I do not yet have my copy (it's on the way).  This is not a review of the book, but I will put one out once I read the book. I'm so thrilled that Mark got this book done. For the past few years, I've kept carrying the water for Cooke, but now Mark is going to give the full story of this unique individual. 

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