Saturday, May 6, 2017

A NEW Houdini Poster?!

Well prepare yourselves, I believe we have a previously unknown Houdini  poster to add to the mix. I don't recall seeing this in any book. If it has been in a book, then this will likely be the first time you're seeing it in color. And the most amazing thing of all, this was purchased on eBay!

The poster is in the collection of Ken Trombly. Ken was one of the guest speakers at the ObscuraDay event in D.C. today. Ken has a HUGE collection of Houdini items, posters galore, and photos and postcards as well. He's got a number of things I'd like to write about in the future, so I'm going to keep quiet on the rest. But he told me this poster below was purchased on eBay....according to Ken, "back when eBay was good." So it was a number of years ago. I'll be writing MORE about Ken and his talk, but I wanted you to see this before anyone beat me to it! :)

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UPDATE: Joe Notaro alerted me to the fact that not only is this NOT a new discovery, but it's also appeared in three different books, and one of those was in color.  Well, lol, it was NEW to me, lol. I do appreciate the feedback though. I love to hear from folks so anytime anyone wants to comment, please do.

 (image used with Ken Trombly's permission)


  1. Beautiful poster. A colored one appeared on page 23 of the Handcuff Annual 2007 as a poster from the John Bushey Collection. B&W images have appeared in various books like Houdini The British Tours on page 52, and Houdini Laid Bare on page 108. Joe M. Notaro

    1. A color image of Ken Trombly's poster also appeared in Houdini Art and Magic on page 195. Joe M. Notaro

    2. LOL, well so much for it being a NEW find! But it was cool to see. Thanks for the info on that Joe!!!

    3. Definitely cool to see in person. Look forward to you sharing more from Ken in the future. Thanks for all that you do. Joe M Notaro