Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Magic Auctions Coming Soon

I just downloaded the catalog for the upcoming Potter & Potter Auction. It's filled with tons of magic apparatus and a great deal of books. As with any auction there are some really cool items in the mix. I'm partial to more of the unusual items and there are more than a few of those. One set of books caught my eye, which includes; Okito on Magic, Our Magic, Sachs Sleight of Hand, NEO Magic and several other books. The starting price is pretty low and I will say, that I paid close to the starting price for a single copy of NeoMagic a few years ago, so this lot is a steal. If you would like to check out a downloadable copy of the catalog or purchase a hard copy edition for yourself, go to

Though it's not an auction, Lupe Nielsen of Nielsen Magic sent out an email a few weeks ago letting people know they were open to finding a buyer for their collection of Magic Posters. They wish to sell the entire collection. So the price is going to be high. But if you are someone with a big bankroll and would like one of the most incredible collections of vintage magic posters on the planet, then by all means contact Lupe. Serious inquiries only please. You can reach Lupe through their website http://nnmagic.com/index.htm

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