Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Is This?

I expect to return to my duties as magic history blogger in a few days. I've had a very busy summer of performances and they will end in a couple days. Then I get a brief rest before the Fall rush kicks in.
I've posted a picture above of a gentleman. I wonder if there is anyone who can identify this individual? Please post your guesses in the comments sections. We'll see if anyone gets it. I'll leave you hints as we go along.....in the event no one guesses correctly.

Hint #1 He is very famous in the magic world for one thing.
Hint #2 Houdini knew him and so did Howard Thurston.
Hint #3 He has been on the cover of MAGIC & Genii Magazines.
No Guesses? Ok, more hints.

Hint#4 He was a Doctor.
Still no guesses? To be honest, I'd have no clue either, lol.
Hint #5 He was friend to Harry Kellar.
Hint #6 He did something that was written about in TIME magazine.


  1. I don't know exactly but he remembers me of Dr. Samuel C. Hooker, famous for his rising card effect. Just guessing... ;-)

    1. We have a winner!!!! Excellent guess and you are correct!