Tuesday, August 6, 2013

News on Magic Detective Youtube Show Return

Sorry if it appears that I've been absent from the blog. I assure you, it's been on my mind even though I've not been able to attend to it as I would have liked this summer. It's been an extremely busy summer with shows, so I've been traveling and performing a lot.

But there is news. I'm working on new episodes of The Magic Detective Youtube Show and I'm very excited about some of the things in store. One of the new features I'm working on right now, is combing through old magic books and finding rarely seen magic routines, basically things that have been forgotten by our modern generation and then actually performing them.

The first routine will be from the book, The Modern Conjurer by C.Lang Neil and it's really unusual and rather brilliant. I'm not going to say WHAT routine it is, you'll have to wait till the episode appears.

I'm also hoping to visit some magicians graves in upcoming episodes and also stop by and see some magic collections! But I've got to finish my Summer run first and I still have 40+ shows yet before the month is over. Rest assured it will be returning!!!

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