Saturday, June 1, 2013

Movie Water Torture Cell on Display at New Magic Museum

Guy Pierce as Houdini in Death Defying Acts
Over in Norfolk (UK) The Davenport's Magic Kingdom has recently opened. This is a museum dedicated to five generations of magic collecting and magic memorabilia. It's a special magic museum open to everyone. With the price of a ticket you get to see the wonderful exhibition and a 30 minute magic show.  There are posters, costumes and props on display AND you'll also find the Water Torture Cell used by actor Guy Pierce in the movie Death Defying Acts. The film came out in 2007 and also stars Catherine Zeta Jones in a highly fictionalized story about Harry Houdini and a psychic medium.

I received a photo of the cell from one of my readers, Philip David Treece. He also mentions that it's a very large cell probably much larger than any cell previous made. Below is the photo of the cell. Enjoy the photo and if you are in the UK by all means, go check out Davenport's Magic Kingdom.


  1. Terrific! Thank for posting this. I like the poster to the left of the cell. I think that might be the Italian or Spanish poster which had the cell on it. I also see a King of Cards poster reflected in the glass.

    1. You'd love their collection John, they've got tons of Houdini stuff. They purchased Will Goldston's company upon his death and got all of his Houdini correspondence (much of which is now on display)!

  2. I noticed that the cell is actually on display with the side showing instead of the front....or perhaps it can be viewed from the left as well and thus you'd see the front.