Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic Detective Magic History Contest

(See Entry Rules at the bottom of the page)

1. Who was the boyhood idol of Houdini?

2. Name two famous magi-folk who died on a train.

3. Who was the Elusive Moth?

4. Many magicians have used devils or demons on their advertising. Which Houdini poster featured devils?

5. Name three performers who have used the slogan “All Done By Kindness”.

6. Name four magicians in Machepelah Cemetery.

7. Name 2 famous mind reading escape artists with a connection to Houdini.

8. This desk belonged to two authors, name them. Where is the desk today?

9. He could do a great Bullet Catch for publicity, but then chose suicide in real life. Who was this person?

10. Who was the Frito-Lay Magician?

11. Who started performing in the Asparagus Valley Cultural Society?

12. Thomas Edison designed and built an illusion for this magician.

13. What magician had a nickname on the West Coast and a nickname on the East Coast which were similar to his real name?

14. Houdini allegedly put acid in this person's water barrel.

15. Name this gift-giving magician. (below)

16. Robert Heller, Houdini and Servais LeRoy all had the same idea but only one carried through with it. What was the idea?

17. What trick did Max Malini show President Warren G. Harding that garnered front-page newspaper coverage?

18. A coin magician who later made his living as a school show performer.

19. T.Nelson Downs was the King of Koins first and for a time presented an illusion act created by this man.

20. Early card pioneer and inventor of a mirror trick.

21. He was Fredrik before he took the name of a cigar.

22. Longest Running Resident Magic Show in United States?

23. Al Wheatley is credited with this invention.

24. Who was Wanda Timm?

25. What did Houdini do that had a negative effect on Long Tack Sam?

26.  Karl Germain and Quintino Marucci both featured this trick in their act.

27. What is the #1 most popular blog article to appear on The Magic Detective blog?

Contest Rules:
  1. You can send your answers via email to
    1. You must include your name with your entry.*
    2. You don’t need to include your mailing address at this point, but if you win, you will need to send that to receive the prize.
    3. Please put the question number next to your answers :)
  2. First person with all the answers correct will win Prize 1. In the event that no one gets all the answers correct, then the first person with the most correct answers will win.
  3. Prize 2 will be given to the winner of a blind drawing from the group of remaining winners (if there are any).
  4. Entries will be accepted till October 29, 2012.
  5. The Winner(s) will be announced on October 31, 2012. 
  6. You can see the prizes here:

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  1. 14. Houdini put acid in this person's water barrel.


    Maybe add the word "allegedly" in there. ;)

  2. This has been quite the challenge. Wishing the winner well because I definitely couldn't get all the answers!