Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Contest ANSWERS Special

The First Magic Detective Contest is now officially over. Thanks to everyone who sent in answers. Seems that I may have made the contest a bit on the difficult side, lol (sorry about that). Maybe next time I'll keep it to 10 questions or less and maybe not so hard. As it was there was no one who answered all the questions correctly. The person who came the closest however was awarded the First Prize, which was the Kellar book by Gail Jarrow. Technically I didn't have to give out a second prize, but I did anyway. I took all the remaining submissions and put them in a box and drew out one and that person got the second prize.

For those of you wondering what the answers to the contest questions were, I decided to put together a special edition of The Magic Detective Show with ALL the answers included. It's a longer video than all the other episodes, it's almost 10 minutes. And it will not be available on the Magic Detective Show YouTube Channel as you need a special link to see it. The only place where you can see the video is by watching it below.

Once again, thank you to everyone who tried and thanks for continually watching my show and reading this blog!


  1. Oh I'm glad others found it difficult too. I felt like such a dunce, I couldn't even send mine in. Ha!

  2. Sorry about that. Blame ME for making it so hard. Yes, I got more than a few complaints, lol. It was two weeks before anyone even submitted their first answers. I knew something was wrong at that point. Next time, less questions, and not quite so difficult.