Monday, September 10, 2012

Houdini Picture Corp Building

A couple weeks ago, Kevin Connolly posted a picture of a letter from Houdini on his website. I noticed at the top of the letter is said "Houdini Picture Corporation" and gave the address. I always get a kick out of seeing if these locations exist today. Sometimes they do, sometimes sadly, they've been torn down.

In the case of the Houdini Picture Corporation it appears the building is certainly still there. It was called the Candler Building and is located at 220 West 42nd Street in NYC. The photo above shows the building, but I have no idea what floor the business was located.

Below is another photo which I posted in the past. This is Houdini's Film Development Corporation which was located in West Hoboken NJ. I believe this is where Hardeen was working at some point.

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