Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Doug Henning, Remembered

It was 12 years ago today that Doug Henning passed away from liver cancer. Feb 7, 2000. What a shock it was to the whole magic world and especially those of us who were so inspired in our youth by Doug Henning's magic. I still remember the very first issue of Genii Magazine I ever purchased, it had that photo above on the cover and a huge ad for the LeGrand David Magic Show. Both Doug and the Le Grand David folks would be instrumental in my magical education.

Below is a video of Doug doing his 'Things That Go Bump In the Night' Illusion. This was a Servais LeRoy idea originally known as The Three Graces. I'm not sure but Doug might have been the first magician of the modern age to bring that illusion back to the masses.


  1. Good post. I was also a kid at the time, and I had seen other magicians perform on TV, but Doug Henning was my first introduction to a superstar magician (or illusionist). It's a shame that he is more or less forgotten by today's popular culture. Or, if remembered, he's the punchline to a joke. I look forward to the day when he's given his due.

  2. I love Doug for much the same reasons. He had such a kindly demeanour too - always like he was letting you in on something. Kids love that which is probably why he made such an impression on us.