Friday, December 30, 2011

Upgrades for 2012

The look of the old blog
If you've been visiting my blog over the last few days you might have noticed subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes to the way the site looks. I've been messing around with it, trying to get a cleaner look and one that still looks great. I moved all the links to a separate page. I have set up a spot for advertisers to the right. Of course the coolest change is the new banner across the top. Also, the top box on the right is a 'Coming Soon' box to show what is in the works or will be appearing soon on the blog.

Coming Up on Jan 1, 2012, the first new blog out of the gate "The Devil Made Me Do It" which is about the use of devilish imagery in the marketing of magicians. There will be more Houdini stuff straight from the newspapers as well. I've got a new ad to show you for The Grim Game, that I don't recall seeing before, and another look at Houdini's challenges.

Then watch for two big announcements related to magic history in the next week or so. 2012 is going to be big! Until then Happy New Year!

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