Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salem Theatre

The photo above is a lobby display in front of the old Salem Theatre in Salem Mass. It's around 1905 or 1906 I think. Anyway, a few years ago I was in Beverly Mass visiting my friends at the Le Grand David Magic Show and took sometime to go sight seeing. Turns out Salem is pretty darn close to Beverly. I had a really enjoyable time visiting the Witch Sites, Nathaniel Hawthorne's House and walking downtown.

It was while I was walking downtown that the above image flashed in my head. I hadn't been searching for it and it wasn't on my mind prior but suddenly it was there in my brain. I started looking for the theatre. I just had this odd sense it was close. I didn't ask anyone though. And I didn't find it.

Well, not exactly. You see, when I got back to my hotel I looked it up online. Turns out I parked right at the location where the Salem Theatre had been!  But it was torn down long ago sadly. I wish Harry had performed in Beverly, as both of those theatres still stand. In fact, both of those theatres, The Larcom and The Cabot are both dedicated to the art of magic!

If you're in that area of Mass. I would encourage you to visit the site
I think in the future I'll share some photos of Houdini spots that I've found over the years.

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  1. Great stuff. Thanks. One thing that's always intrigued me about that pic is the poster on the right. That appears to be a Houdini poster we've never seen.