Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cool Houdini Find

A few days ago I posted my painting of the above photo (here). Well I just stumbled upon a really cool item relating to the actual photo. It seems that Ken Trombly, the magic collector, has among his collection of magic artifacts, a receipt belonging to Harry Houdini for ALL the items on the table seen in this photo.

Apparently Houdini must have purchased them just for the photo! You can read more about it and see the actual photo of the receipt at the IBM Ring 50 website,

By the way, Ken was kind enough a few years ago to allow me to see his collection and it's incredible! I actually got to see a number of Houdini posters up close. But he's got much more than Houdini in his collection. I was astonished at all the treasures he owns. He's a great guy and you can visit his Houdini site too at He also has another great site at

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