Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Another Doug Henning Anniversary, This time #23


February 7th, 2000, Doug Henning passed away. He was only 52 at the time. It came as a huge shock to the magic community for several reasons. For one, he was way too young to pass away. But secondly, he had started to get back into magic just prior to this. He had been spotted at several different magic shops and had some communications with old friends in the magic world. Some even speculated that maybe, just maybe, he was going to make a come back.

But that was not to be.

Magic was very different 23 years ago. Ok, maybe not VERY different, but different enough. I guess I'm thinking of when Doug was around and performing. New strides in the world of Illusion were happened, they started with Doug and then when he left, they continued with David Copperfield primarily. The man behind those innovations was Jim Steinmeyer. But he wasn't the only one, Andre Kole was creating incredible illusions, as well others.

Just this past weekend, I began to explore the world of one of the guys who worked with both Doug and David, his name is Doug Bennett. I recalled the name, but wasn't aware of this many contributions. In fact, as I type this, I have a friend working on a jumbo version of a trick Doug Bennett created called The Criss Cross Deck. Doug featured it on one of his TV specials. 

Doug Bennett is probably best known of his Bewildering Effect, that Doug Henning featured on a Tonight Show spot with Johnny Carson. And there is another effect he created called FireTrap, which again, Doug did on a TV spot. It was cool to discover that Mr. Bennett is still working in the magic world. as a consultant. HIs latest commercial item was a Floating Selfie Stick, ala. Dancing Can....brilliant. If you'e like to learn more about Mr. Bennett, check out http://www.dougbennettmagic.com/magicconsulting.php

And please take a moment or two to remember Doug Henning and his unique brand of magic.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Selling Magic History Items on EBAY!!!


Here it is, selling off my collection! Wait, no. LOL. I'm only selling a few items that I have extras of. Fortunately, I have a lot of duplicate items and in some cases several additional of a particular thing. I'm putting up magic history books, ephemera, posters, brochures, bobbleheads, magic figurines. 

Right now there is a vintage Virgil & Julie Poster which will likely sell in two days. I have another one that I haven't posted yet. I've got a couple Raymond items I may put up. Get them while they last. 

Here is the link to my ebay page..  https://www.ebay.com/usr/carnegiemagic 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Penn and Teller Return!

There was a time in the 1980s when this duo, Penn Jillette and his partner Teller, where known as the Bad Boys of Magic. By all accounts, they were like anti-magicians, exposing tricks and infuriating the world of magic while making cockroaches and snakes and who knows what appear all over David Letterman's desk!

They didn't do the ordinary coin tricks, stage illusions, or anything regular magicians did. Oh, well they did the Cups and Balls....and then exposed it brilliantly after performing it. No, they conjured with BEES, BUGS, BLOOD, all manner of craziness. They did magic upside down. They did magic underwater!

They've had a long career. And then 30 years ago, on Jan 14th, they began to perform in Las Vegas. They are now the longest running comedy act in Las Vegas History! They may just be the comedy act that lasted the longest. Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, and others all broke up. Penn and Teller, still together!

In Oct 2022, Teller, took a break from the show to undergo bypass heart surgery, no small feat for a young person, but Teller is 74. He came through with flying colors and if I might add, I think it proves he is indeed a YOUNG 74! On Jan 14, 2023, Penn and Teller once again united on stage of the RIO Casino in Las Vegas to continue their stellar run. And get this, they opened with new material and announced they would be debuting more new material.

This is one of the reasons Penn and Teller are so magnificent and so incredibly GREAT for the World of Magic. They do not rest on their laurels. They continue to put out new material. And their stuff is killer. They have more original routines than probably any magic act around.  And I've not even mentioned their TV Show which is the greatest platform for great magic, EVER!!!!

I can say one thing. LONG LIVE PENN & TELLER!!!!