Saturday, August 23, 2014

Lot #39, Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery SOLD and More

The auction is still going on. But for those who are interested, the Double Fold Death Defying Mystery which was expected to get around $20,000, well it just sold for $55,000.00!!!!!!

Lot 48, Houdini Punishment Suit Sold for $11,000

Lot 60, Houdini's German Slander Trial Archive from 1902, which is one of the true hidden treasures of this auction, went for $26,000

Lot 66, Houdini's Notes on Morrit's Black and White Illusion sold for $10,000

Lot 67, The Lost Witchcraft Manuscript sold for $15,000

Lot 69 A Scrapbook by Marie Blood went for  $4,400

Lot 71 The Spiritualism Scrapbook recently discovered sold for$36,000

Lot 77 Bess Houdini's Costumes sold for$9500.00 Considerably less than I expected.

Lot81 Film of Hardeen's Overboard Packing Crate Escape sold for $1300.00 Someone got a bargain!

Lot139 Anna Eva Fay and Houdini photo sold for $650

Lot 141 Houdini and Ching Ling Foo photo sold for $500

So far, for the record, I've not won anything I've bid on...

Correction...I won Lot 150, the BF Keith's Program from Washington D.C.with Harry Houdini on the cover.

Lot 161Houdini Picture Corp Stock Certificate sold for $3600. Wow if Harry Kellar only knew! lol

Lot193 German Art Nouveau 1905 Houdini Poster sold for $8500

Lot 194 Buried Alive Poster sold for $8000, that is a deal. These usually go for $12,000

Lot 195 Houdini Lobby Board sold for....this lot PASSED. First one.

Lot 200 King of Cards Litho sold for $17,000

Those were the highlights of the auction. I did win one thing, which I'll post when it arrives.

It sure was an exciting auction....and a long one, lol.


  1. This is an auction of high rollers steamrolling over everybody else.

    1. Yeah, I've barely been able to bid and it shoots way past what I can afford. I figured this would happen though.

  2. Hear, hear Dean. It's pretty obvious that our high roller is DC. I'm wondering...who is the competing bidder? A collector in Dubai?

    1. I figured the high bidders would be David Copperfield and Roger Dryer from Fantasma Magic

  3. There have been some deals. A handwritten Bessie letter went for only $250. Five more seconds and I would have bid and probably gotten it. I'm KICKING myself.

    1. Yeah, I'm black and blue from kicking myself, lol.

  4. I'm black and blue from getting my butt kicked by the other bidders who outbid me...