Monday, December 16, 2013

Still More Holiday Gifts for the Magician in Your Life

I always like to give a wide variety of out of the norm kind of gift suggestions each year. Here are a few more that you all might find of interest. Even though these are suggestions for folks to buy for their magician friends/relatives, there is nothing wrong with buying one of these for yourself! :)

Mike Caveney Books

My suggestion is to pick up the new book Wonders & The Conference Illusions by Mike Caveney. This is a fantastic book filled with history, magic, magic history and more magic! It's a two volume set and it's just wow. But if you are feeling adventurous, there a lot of other titles under to choose from and most of those are magic history as well. You can't go wrong with a Caveney published book for the holidays!

Rabbit and Top Hat Tree Ornament

Ok, this is just cool. A Christmas Tree Ornament with a magic theme. Found this on ebay, so get them while they last.

Rabbit and Hat Wall Stickers

I thought these were just plain cool. I'm not sure I'd put them up, but a great idea for a kid magician!
They can also be found on ebay.

Taschen MAGIC

The newest edition, which is also the smaller edition, which is also not really so small, but it's smaller than the first edition! And from Barnes and Noble it's cheaper! So go here

Hofzinser Books by Magic Christian

I saved the best for last. This is for the hardcore magician. If you don't know who Hofzinser is, you need to find out. If you don't care who Hofzinser is, then get out of magic (and I'm not kidding). Buy these from Conjuring Arts and you can make payments rather than pay the full amount up front!

I don't like to put trick suggestions up in case you're wondering. The main reason is, I believe, as performers we should be selective in our material. If everyone is doing the SAME tricks what is so special about us? Now that certainly flies in the face of helping magic trick creators, but I'm looking at it strictly from a performers stand point. GO TO YOUR LOCAL DEALER, or favorite magic dealer and ask them if you really want advice on tricks. There are many cool effects that come out every year. But as a rule, if you buy a good book on tricks, like one of the Tarbell books, or the Card College books, you'll have so much more material to chose from and usually about the same price as a singe trick. Good luck shopping. Please support your local brick and mortar magic shop!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
from The Magic Detective!~

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