Friday, October 5, 2012

The Magic Detective Show on Youtube!

FINALLY!!!!!!!! After months of delays, the first episode of The Magic Detective Show is online!
There is now a MagicDetective Youtube Channel, and I'd love it if you subscribed to the channel. I think I'm going to put together a 'blooper' video after a while so you can see some of the earlier attempts of recording the show. There are things I'd like to do that I can't because of the restraints of my camera. So season 1 will keep this format and if it's popular enough and I do a second season, I'll upgrade the camera and the look of the show.

If you are a collector or historian or performer with a cool piece of magic related history who would be willing to appear on my show, please let me know that also! You can reach me at:

Don't forget to enter the Magic Detective History Contest going on this month!


  1. Great stuff, Dean. Congrats on the show. Wild footage of Steve. Interesting that Houdini had a very similar near miss when he did a burned at the stake escape. Fire is hard to control.

  2. Fire is NOT the escape artist friend.