Friday, April 6, 2018

About Houdini's Character On His Other Birthday

Today is April 6th, the day that Houdini celebrated his birthday. We know now, that he was actually born on March 24, 1874, but Houdini celebrated a few days later.  I have an article to share with you, that really has nothing to do with his birthday. But rather, it has to do with someone who knew him, describing his character. I've heard and read many stories about his character, often the stories are somewhat disparaging. But those negative comments often come from competitors. This piece below, is from someone who worked with Houdini. It originally appeared in Billboard Magazine, Nov 20th, 1926. Enjoy...

Sure, the article isn't quite politically correct by today's standards. But I'm not one of those that judges people from the past by the standards of today. I tend to think that those who do, will find themselves eventually judged quite harshly by history. What we find here is someone describing a kind, very considerate, and thoughtful Houdini. This is much the same as Dorothy Young described him. With that I'll say Happy Birthday Harry, again!

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