Sunday, October 15, 2017

Houdini In Ukraine

I love finding things totally by accident. And the photo above I found while researching Houdini Statues. This one is located in Ukraine. It is a mini-statue, and is one of the most popular destinations in Uzhgorod. It was created by sculptor Mikhail Kolodko in 2013.

The mini-statue is located  on the Street B Khmelnitsky next to the Hotel Uzhgorod.  According to the website: Houdini was born in Budapest (true), but also has Ukranian roots. His grandmother was from the village Yovrya which is currently  Storozhnica Uzhgorod. Is that part true?  Uzhgorod is located in Western Ukraine. But at one time it was called Ungvar and the land belonged to Hungary.  The area is known to have a very large Jewish community. So it's very possible this is true.

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