Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Robert Heller RETURNS

I just heard from the folks at the Mt. Moriah Cemetery in Philadelphia and they sent me the above photo! The grave of Robert Heller/William Henry Palmer has been found and is now standing. This is from The Haunt at Mt. Moriah, their FB page is https://www.facebook.com/mountmoriahhaunt

The grave was first discovered by Harry Houdini, who is seen in the photo on the left. And various others have uncovered the grave since that time. But neglect and abandonment of the cemetery caused the entire grounds to become overgrown and some areas impossible to reach. The Heller grave area was one of those.

Imagine my surprise to get the photo at the top of the page sent to me. I thanked them and sent a message asking for permission to use the photo here, but I didn't hear back and then it occurred to me that many they don't answer messages due to sheer volume. So I'm using the photo and given them full credit and my hats off to all the folks who have worked so hard at this cemetery and than you for uncovering Robert Heller's Grave!


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for this, Dean.

  2. Happy we could do this. The Haunt of Mount Moriah had wanted to reset the stone for some time. One day by chance we happened to be near the grave and one thing led to another and an hour later we had it standing. i was really excited to see the picture of Houdini next to the headstone.

    Ken Smith - Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery.