Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When He Was Still A Weiss Boy

The Weiss family spent a lot of time moving. First Appleton Wisconsin, then Milwaukee, then NY and various places around town. One of the places the Weiss family lived in NYC was at 227 E. 75th St. According the Kenneth Silverman it was their first home here. He should know, he used to live right across the street! Though it would appear that the Silverman place is gone and tennis courts are now there.

If I have this correct it's the second floor of the orange building. However, I'm not 100% sure these are the original buildings. The structures look very similar but the original buildings each had sets of 4 windows across and these buildings have three. It could be that the outside of the buildings have been painted and this is what is causing the visual discrepancy.

I can tell you for sure this is the SPOT though, so this is where the Houdini family first lived when they were together in NY.

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