Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Magic History Contest for April

UPDATE: So I've already got a winner, and there are scores of other entries that are correct. But as you can see below, I said, "I will randomly choose a second person to win a prize as well". The contest remains open for another week, so ENTER! You've got nothing to loose, you might just be the second prize winner.  Also, in case you're wondering, there will be a May contest too.

Last October, during Houdini Month, I had several contests with some pretty cool prizes (if I do say so myself). I once had a contest back in 2012, that was so hard, no one got all the questions right. I was just looking over the list of questions, and even I couldn't get them all today, lol.

But I love this idea of a Contest, so this month, I'm doing an April Magic History Contest. One question. The winner gets an actual piece of magic history. It's a brochure used by a famous magician, but I won't say who, quite yet. Here is the question:

Many magicians have used devils or demons on their advertising. Which Houdini poster featured devils?

Contest Rules:
  • Only 1 entry per person
  • To enter: Send me an email, with the subject heading 'April Magic History Contest' to    
  • Please include your full name in the email. 
  • You must live in the continental United States
  • The 1st email I receive that has the correct answer is the winner! If I get a bunch of emails with correct answers, I will randomly choose a second person to win a prize as well. 
  • No purchase necessary. 
  • Contest Ends April 30th, 2018

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Nemca/Yankee Gathering Registration is Now OPEN!

The registration is now open for the New England Magic Collectors Association Conference, known as The Yankee Gathering. I attended this event two years ago and had so much fun! This is for the magic history folk, and it's filled with great lectures, lots of exhibits, wonderful people, and even stage shows at night. There is a rumor that yours truly will even be performing this year! If you'd like to register, please go to:

This year's Guest of Honor will be Mike Caveney. For three days, the Yankee Gathering offers a full slate of informative and entertaining presentations from world-class experts in magic history and the collecting of magic apparatus, books, and memorabilia. Space is limited to 200 attendees, so make sure you register early!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Carnegie: Magic Detective: Who Was Houdini's Boyhood Hero?

I'm relisting one of my older articles. Today is the day that President Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theatre in 1865. I had written a couple pieces about Lincoln and Houdini and Lincoln and magic in general a few years ago. I wanted to offer them up to my readers again in a slightly updated form. I had to correct a piece of info that I had gotten wrong. I hope you enjoy this bit of Lincoln and Houdini history. Please click the link below to view that story...

Carnegie: Magic Detective: Who Was Houdini's Boyhood Hero?: The first thought that comes to mind was Robert Houdin the french magician who Houdini acquired his name from. But actually if that was y...