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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fetaque Sanders Posters

The most recent podcast, Ep 54, was on Fetaque Sanders. In the course of the podcast I mentioned the fact that one of the reasons we know about him is because of what he left behind, posters! He spent a lot of money on advertising his show and it paid off in his life time.

In fact, in later years, he even sold a packet of his advertising materials through the Linking Ring Magazine. Valuable for both collectors and for those who wanted to study what a real pro used to advertise his show.

Every once in a while one of his posters comes up on ebay. My favorite of the Fetaque Sanders posters is the one with the two sets of eyes. This was a common marketing trick among the magicians in the 40-50s. They would put up posters with his face looking normal and then a couple days before showtime, replace this posters with an exact copy, except below his eyes on the poster was a second set of eyeballs. It made you stare at the poster and wonder if something wasn't wrong with your own eyes! Genuis.

This poster below is currently available on ebay.